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D'Vine Intervention    This cozy Mystery has readers traveling from the sandy shores of Texas to the Tuscan Hills of Italy, artwork of Florence and more.

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Messages from heaven and miracles come to us in a variety of surprising and comforting ways. They come to us in dreams or in signs, from people we know and love, and from perfect strangers. And sometimes we’re even visited by an angel. However we receive these messages, or experience these miracles, we are reminded that love never dies. My article "Beacon of Flight" begins on page 272.





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Discernment is critical when you're facing someone who perceives your kindness as weakness,
or when your "friends" use pity or fear to manipulate you.

Learn how you, like heroine Deirdre Morgan, can overcome adversity through positive behavior,
even when those around you are acting badly.

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To schedule a book reading/signing, e-mail me at dianemoorewriter@yahoo.com.



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Heroine Deirdre Morgan is in tight spots, which she gracefully turns to her advantage. The Police Chief keeps Deirdre at the forefront of the homicide investigation, while Detective Stuart Beaumont keeps her at the top of the suspect list.


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