I will let you know when these books are available in stores. This  Fall, I attended a Fiction Writer's Conference, where I met with Editors and Book Publishers. This may provide a timeline to my publications' dates. I'll keep you posted at my web site here. Also, coming soon is Diane's Blog.


D'Vine Intervention (Mystery romance based in Italy and Corpus Christi, Texas (2017) Set in the scenic mountainsides of Florence, Italy, and the sandy beaches of Corpus Christi, Texas. The heroine races against time to solve a murder mystery entangled with a conspiracy that pours into Europe's centuries-old wineries.

Love Thy Neighbor (Mystery romance based in San Antonio) Parson Place Press Spring 2012
Dating through the Decades
Detours on the Road to Paradise (see excerpt below)

Tales of a Nurse Impostor
Conquest of Mexico
Living Abroad in Germany (2015-2016)


Here are exclusive excerpts:

Sometimes you have to go in the wrong direction to reach the right destination. Deirdre and Matt found that years of what seemed to be moving backwards, was the exact route to their final destination: Paradise.

Deirdre and Matt also learned that on the road to Paradise, there are often many detours...

Deirdre kneeled over the near-lifeless body, to which she had been administering CPR for more than 20 minutes. Her knees were sore and ached more and more with each compression --they were grinding into the jagged pothole in the pavement beneath them. Her wrists felt like daggers had been jabbed in all around them, and her lips -- well they hadn't felt this bruised and used since her high school days, when she'd spend hours making out with her boyfriend on the couch in her family's basement.

"Deirdre," Jake pressed firmly on her shoulder. "We're here. It's ok." As she looked up, all she could see was an outline of what appeared to be a medium-build, well-fit man.

"Who are you?" Deirdre demanded.

"Paramedics -- I'm Jake from Station 503. Remember?" Jake now kneeling down beside her, checking for a pulse, answered quickly. "I'll take over. You can rest."

"No, I'll take breathing and you take over compressions," she responded.

"Ok, until my partner gets here..." Before Jake could finish the sentence, Jake's partner was there. He helped Deirdre to her feet and took over administering breathing for the man, who was actually gaining some color in his formerly sunken, ashen-colored face. Suddenly, the man took a deep breath, his chest thrust up and down violently before settling into a healthy rhythm.

"What? What happened?" the man feebly asked.

"Deirdre," Jason called from the ambulance before Deirdre could respond to the man lying on the street. "You saved the day again." She turned towards the ambulance and a chill went up her spine.

Jason was barreling towards her as the paramedics rushed by with more equipment to stabilize the man for his ride to the hospital. "Nice work. You always seem to be at the right place and at the right time," he beamed.

As the resuscitated man passed by on the gurney, he lifted his hand -- "Wait," he said and pointed towards Deirdre. "Don't I know you?"

Deirdre turned away. She didn't want him or anyone nearby to see or sense her anger. "Yes, I know you," she thought, "but not for the reasons you intended."

Deirdre walked away as she lost herself in the crowded city streets. "My life," she thought, "would have been so much easier had he not been revived." Deirdre felt a hand on her elbow.

"That turned out to be quite an event," Jason was now walking beside her.

"Jason, I'm not in the mood for idle chit-chat," Deirdre responded curtly.

"Sure. I can see that. He stepped in front of her and placed his hands squarely on her shoulders, forcing her to stop and face him directly. "This doctor prescribes a hot bubble bath, complemented by lots of those little chocolates you like. You have a big evening tonight, and I'm looking forward to seeing you there," he looked at her in that way that annoyingly felt as if he was seeing more of her than she had exposed.

Deirdre looked at him directly in his sparkling blue eyes. "Me too," she grinned, thinking to herself "but probably for totally different reasons."

"Now let go, so I can begin my nice hot soak," she said, turning to release herself from his grasp and his dreamy eyes, and she sauntered off into the crowded sidewalk. "Don't come one step farther towards me," Deirdre said without looking behind her.

Jason stopped, contemplating for a moment, then smiled, turned and walked in the opposite direction.

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